Mike Fagan


Spokane City Council President

"The Constituents Councilman" 


Mike's current Board, Committee and Commission Appointments include: 

Finance, Planning, Community/Economic Development, Public Safety, Public Works, Aging and Long Term Care of eastern Washington, City Planning Commission, Police Pension Board, Spokane County Growth Management Act Steering Committee, Spokane Police Advisory Committee and Spokane Regional Solid Waste Liaison Board.

Current Council Related Boards, Committees and Commissions;

• Northeast Public Development Authority

• Finance and Technology Committee

• Public Works Committee

• Planning and Economic Development

• Community, Health, and Environment

• Public Safety Committee

• Police Pension Board

• Community Health and Human Services Board

• Aging and Long Term Care of Eastern Washington

• Solid Waste Advisory Committee

• Local Emergency Planning Committee

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While representing you, I have made it a point to meet you where you live and work as I address your wants, wishes, and concerns. I didn’t come to office to transform Spokane, I came to office to help our citizens realize and enjoy their pursuit of happiness. Through my outreach, I have been successful in mitigating issues created in our neighborhoods by nuisance,  drug houses, and homeless camps.  

I believe in compassion with expectation and accountability.

I have consistently voted to protect our downtown businesses, and believe that choices, expectations, and accountability are key to containing our homeless problem. Having been dubbed the “Constituents Councilman”, I will continue listening to and working for the citizens of Spokane.

ELECT Mike Fagan for Spokane City Council President

What do constituents say about Mike

When you call Mike, he makes it a point to come to you where you are, and he listens to you. 

David Griswold, Spokane business owner

ELECT Mike Fagan for Spokane City Council President

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